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2024  Spring  and Summer Calendar

November 28

2024 Spring Semester Registration Begins.

The Registration Form will be available on that date.


January 16     

2024 Spring Semester Begins 

January 31

Late Spring Semester Registration ends

April 3

Summer Seminars Registration begins

May 18

Spring Semester ends

June 5

Summer Seminars begin

July 27

Fall Semester Registration begins

July 28

Summer Seminars end

 U.S. Citizenship Class Online 

citizenship class 3.jpg

 ESL-BE Intermediate Class Online 

BE Interm.jpg

Summer Registration Fee: 

$32.00 New Students

$15.00 Per Course for Returning Students


Note:  + $2.00 Bank fee if paying by card

ATTN:  Returning ESL-BE Students

Do not pay for the Summer Instruction License because they have already paid it in the spring.

Burlington English (ESL-BE)

charges $1.85 license fee per week for unlimited use of the online instructional materials and practice  per student

per year (52 weeks 24/7).  

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