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Read what students are saying about their RGVLC experience

Zaidith Perales Testimonial.jpeg

I am a student in the ESL-Burlington English program.  When I started taking classes I thought I wasn’t going to learn, but my English started to improve.  Now I feel more confident speaking and writing.  I am grateful to RGVLC for this program because it’s helping me have better communication at work and home.  It motivated me to take the next step - continue my studies in college and work on my career.

~ Zaidith ~ 

Artemisa Edith.jpg

I am very satisfied with the ESL-Burlington English program.  It gives me the opportunity to study at any time of the day or night.  It teaches all language skills and I have the opportunity to repeat the activities.  ESL-Burlington English has helped me with my marriage - my husband is an American and does not speak Spanish.  Also, at my job and at my neighborhood it has given me the opportunity to communicate with more people.  Thank you RGVLC.

~ Artemisa ~

RGVLC helped me achieve one of my goals in life - to become a U.S. Citizen.  I can find a better job now and I can travel anywhere I wish.

El RGVLC me ayudó a lograr una de mis metas en la vida, convertirme en ciudadana de los Estados Unidos. Ahora puedo encontrar un trabajo mejor y viajar a donde yo desee.

~ Guadalupe ~

Becoming a U.S. Citizen was very important to me.  Thanks to RGVLC I succeeded and passed the test.  It opened the doors to many new opportunities for me and for my family.

Hacerme ciudadana era muy importante para mi. Gracias al RGVLC lo logré y pasé el examen. Esto abrió las puertas a muchas nuevas oportunidades para mi y mi familia

~ Rocio ~

Rocio Ostos Dec 2021 US Citiz.jpg
Carlos Rubio Jan2021 US citiz.jpg

Now I am a U.S. Citizen and I can vote.  This means a lot to me.  The RGVLC Citizenship course helped me pass the test.  I recommend it to everyone who plans to apply for citizenship.

Ahora soy ciudadano y puedo votar. Eso significa mucho para mi. El curso de ciudadanía me ayudó a pasar la entrevista.

Lo recomiendo a todos aquellos que planeen aplicar para la ciudadanía.

~ Carlos ~

Gloria Ortega Nov2021 US Citiz.jpg

I am happy I took the RGVLC Citizenship class.  It helped me understand what I had to do to get my citizenship.  I had no problems passing the test.  Thank you RGVLC.

Estoy feliz de haber tomado la clase de ciudadanía en el RGVLC. Me ayudó a entender que debía hacer para o tener mi ciudadanía. No tuve problemas para pasar el examen de ciudadanía.  Gracias RGVLC.

~ Gloria ~

The U.S. Citizenship gives my family and me new opportunities for better life and future.  Thank you RGVLC for your help!

~ Maricela ~

Maricela Chavez Apr2021 US Citiz.jpg

The RGVLC class helped me get my U.S. Citizenship.  Now I have a peace of mind and I can live a free life.

~ Baldomero ~

Baldomero Flores US Citiz.jpg
Guadalupe Rodriguez Dec 2021 US Citiz.jpg
Violeta 1.jpg

Attending ESL classes at RGVLC helped me a lot to improve my English skills.  I got my U.S. Citizenship and after that I enrolled in the RGVLC  GED program.   I got my diploma in a short time.  This allowed me to get a good job as a Substitute Teacher.  Now I still continue studying English.  My goal is to take the TOEFL test, attend the university and receive my Texas Teaching Certificate.

~ Violeta ~

rosa 1.jpg

First I got my U.S. Citizenship and the following year I got my GED.  It was not easy, but the RGVLC program helped me a lot.  After that I was able to obtain my Insurance Agent Liscence and got a very nice job.  Taking classes at the RGVLC was one of the best decisions I have even made!

~ Rosa ~

RGVLC helped me improve my English in all areas.  The school’s environment is pleasant and conductive to learning.  The instructors are professional and supportive.  The classes are online, and the cost of the classes is very accessible.  I am confident that soon I will be able to communicate better in English and that will help me get a better job.

~ Lizeth ~

Lizeth BE H-Beg.jpg

I took the RGVLC GED Program and passed the GED Test.  I moved to San Antonio, found a good job and I am forever thankful to RGVLC for helping me succeed.  I am still learning English and I strongly believe education is the key to better future.

~ Melba ~

Melba Moreno GED.JPG
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